There is no limit to how flexible the roadmap can be with views.

For example, in one view you can view the roadmap in NNL format, while in the other view you can view it in a timeline view grouped by leads.

Creating and Navigating Views

You can create views inside of the roadmap. Also you can edit and delete them.

You can create a new view and navigate between existing views by clicking the view button on the left of the filter button.

How to Navigate between your Roadmap Views

Editing and Deleting Views

You can edit or delete a view with the 3-dot menu next to the comment button on the far right of the views.

You can also do these actions from the 3-dot menu:

  • Duplicate the view
  • Copy the view link
  • See in full screen

Saving Views

Display, Sorting and Filtering separate views from each other.

All views in a roadmap are the same, except for these attributes.

There is a filter, sorting, and display for each view. You can change these instantly, but unless you save, the view will return to its last saved state.

Your main roadmap view will never be lost this way.

By clicking Save as new button, you can also create a new view with the filter, sort, and display you just used, without losing the existing view.

Unplanned Items

In the Kanban view, items with empty values for the property that selected for column appear in the unplanned items section.

Unplanned items button is located to the left of the About the view button.

Unplanned items button appears only if there are unplanned items.

You can include items in the view by moving them from Unplanned items to columns of view.