You can import items from other apps into your Roadmape workspace easily. A .csv file containing your items is all you need.

Import your works into Roadmape


Export your items from other apps


Click your workspace logo in Roadmape


Go to your workspace settings


Go to Integrations tab


Click CSV Import

Proper format for importing Roadmape

The .csv file might need to be updated a bit to import into Roadmape.

Due to Roadmape’s hierarchy feature, you might have more than one item type in your workspace, so make sure your CSV file has a column for this.

You should also have a column for each item type’s property.

If there is an error, you will be able to correct this error during import. But still, the more suitable the .csv file is for import, the easier the process will be.

Here’s a sample CSV file you can download and update. Download here

Importing your CSV file

After clicking in the “Import” button. There is a FlatFile interface.


First Step

First of all, you need to upload your CSV file.


Second Step

After uploading your file, choose properties you want to map.


Third Step

After mapping, Flatfile shows you the invalid cells and rows in your file. You need to edit invalid values to continue.

If you complete the import while there is an invalid cell, those items will not be imported.