To update the workspace logo, you must be an admin. Click the workspace name in the upper-left, then select Workspace Settings.

You can update the logo of your workspace in workspace settings under the General tab.

In the same place, you can also change the workspace name.

Switch between Themes

Roadmape has light and dark mode. You can switch between them anytime quickly.

To change the theme, click your avatar in the upper-left, then click Dark mode.

Change your Avatar

You can change your avatar in Profile tab of Account settings.

Change your Personal Color

Your personal color is the color that appears wherever you are mentioned.

You can change your personal color in Preferences tab of Accout settings.

When you sign up a workspace, you are given a randomly personal color.

Change your Username

You can change your username in Profile tab of Account settings.

When you sign up a workspace, you are given a username based on your email address.

Update your Timezone

Update your preferred timezone from the Profile tab of Account settings.

Update your Notification & Email Preferences

You can update your notification & email preferences in Notification tab of Accout settings.

You can choose whether to receive actions taken in workspace as an email or as a notification. If you want, you can receive it both as an email and a notification, or you can not receive it at all.