Members can be manually invited from the settings page or sidebar.

You must select a role for each member you invite.

Additionally, members can be invited via an unique invitation link. When users sign up through this link, they will automatically be added to your workspace.

When a user joins via the invitation link, their role is editor. This can be changed at any time by Admins through settings.

In Roadmape, there are 4 roles: Admin, Editor, Collaborator and Billing.

Users whose roles are collaborator and billing are not included in the billing calculation.


Admins are the people with the highest authority in the workspace. Only admins can invite new members and manage roles for other members.


Editors cannot access Workspace settings or invite new members.

Apart from these, editors can do everything admins can do.


Collaborators do not have editing authority. They can just comment items, views and roadmaps.

You cannot add a collaborator to your workspace on the Free plan.

You can add a maximum of 2 collaborators in the Plus plan, and as many collaborators as you want in the Ultra plan.

Roadmape doesn’t include Collaborators in the workspace’s billing.


They can only see the billing screen in Workspace. They can take all actions that can be taken on the billing screen.

Roadmape doesn’t include Billing users in the workspace’s billing.