item types

What are Item Types?

Item Types in Roadmape enables the creation roadmaps at different hierarchical levels.

The hierarchy makes it easy to keep track of the interconnected work at each layer of the product.

More detailed information about the hierarchy can be found on the Hierarchy.

Each item type has different properties, property options, workflows, templates, and a place in the hierarchy.

Default Item Types

The following item types are predefined in Roadmape: Objective, Goal, Theme, Outcome, Initiative, Epic, and Feature.

These item types can be changed or deleted at any time in workspace settings.

Creating New Item Types

New item types also can be created. Each item type must have different item name and item ID.

The item ID must be three characters long.

You can determine the colors of the item types you create or existing item types with the hex code, these colors will be used in roadmaps and views for that item type.

Each item type also has an icon. The icons that can be selected are: Triangle, Quadrangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Circle.

Item types must have different icon color combinations.

Item Properties

Each item type has 5 default property. These are Lead, Members, Focus, Effort and Labels.

Title and description are included in every item type and cannot be deleted or edited. That’s why these 2 properties do not appear on the property pages of item types.

More detailed information about the properties can be found on the Properties.

Item Workflows

Statuses of item types can be edited from the workflow.

A change to the workflow of one item type may have an effect on the status of item types above it in the hierarchy. As a result, the workflow section should be edited carefully.

More detailed information about the workflows can be found on the Workflows.

How to Customize Your Item Types